Thursday, September 24, 2009


...this is a series of random things im trying on the computer.. drawings of people with shapes+colours. just having fun basically! note the 'wave off kanagawa' lurking in the background of image one.

war games

This is something i've been working on. Thinking of doing a series of comic-like prints on canvas.

fun times

these two are headers i did for mates websites. stuff like this is fun because you get to do your own style! you can check them out here and here

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

shot of luck

here is a sketch i did for my friend when she left NZ. i tried to make the fact she's doin straight vodka shots -  innocent - by surrounding her with white lace :)

A Fake cover!

This is a fake TIME cover I did for a thing about Thom Yorke...we had to explore our colour palettes to the extremes. For more on the awesome Thom - head over to
and see what music genius R.Parkinson is saying about Yorkes new release!!

A cover!

After doing pages for 'Ellipsis', creator of Waterfront Publishing (Kieran Clarkin) asked me to do a colour cover for the comic! I was stoked. Here it is before title and frames were added...

story telling

here is a uni assignment...
a double-page spread I did for an adaption of Jack and the Beanstalk (where the giant is a robot)

Monday, September 21, 2009

first published piece's a sample of some pages i did for the new comic book "Ellipsis" by Kieran Clarkin. (as featured in Magneto Magazine) This was my first published thing ever yah. It is available in the comic book store on Cuba St.

...and in printed form:

yah a blog!

This is my first post! I thought i'd start this page to show some work and hopefully get some feedback  :)

...this is a picture i did last summer when i worked at a deli... trying to be all chris appelhans :)